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The In Good Hands course is a cost-effective way to train for food safety. Depending on your needs, choose from the options listed below.

$27 Online Course

Take the Course for $30.51 includes HST
  • Learn about safe food handling through 15 modules of course content. (Learn more about the content in the Course Features section of this website.)
  • Use online discovery tools and interactive features to make your learning experience more enjoyable.
  • Test your food handling knowledge along the way with Self-Tests and Quizzes.
  • Included in the cost of the online course is the In Good Hands ONLINE TEST. Test your food safety skills with the Online Test after completing all 15 topics.

Depending on your needs, add certification and join ranks of certified safe food handlers! Earn a safe food-handling certificate that is recognized by provincial Public Health Units and Inspectors.

Course Fee - $28.25 includes HST; Certification as low as $11.30 includes HST
  • Successful completion of the course and the online test qualifies you for certification. Simply submit the "Ready to Certify" request online when you have completed the course.
  • When you are ready to certify: we will provide you with contact information for a Health Unit or approved proctoring site near you. It is up to you to confirm your attendance at the exam with your local health unit or approved testing site by phone.
  • Certification exams must be proctored and completed at a provincial Public Health Department or approved proctoring site.
  • You pay $30.51 (includes HST) now, to study the course. Certification fees are typically an additional $11.30 (includes HST), but may vary according to the Health Unit providing the testing service. You pay for certification in person, when you write the certification exam.
  • Refer to the Certification Section for more information!

PLEASE NOTE: The cost of the In Good Hands course is non-refundable.

Group Savings

Minimize training costs and ensure that your employees have access to food safety training. Save costs when your organization purchases passwords for 10 or more employees.

  • Ensure that every employee in your establishment understands the concepts behind safely handling food.
  • Reduce costs by pre-purchasing seats in the course for your employees.

To purchase In Good Hands passwords for your organization, contact the In Good Hands Registrar directly at 1-866-287-8828 (toll-free) for details.

* In Good Hands is a Lifelong Learning Challenge Fund project, a co-production with the Ontario Educational Communications Authority (TV Ontario). The Lifelong Learning Challenge Fund is financially supported by the Government of Ontario.